Students integrate faith and life at chaplaincy retreat

20 Mar 2024

Fifty-seven of our students attended the annual Campion College Retreat, held at the Benedict XVI centre from 15-17 March 2024. It was for a weekend of prayer, reflection and fellowship. The theme of Integrating Faith Into Your Life was central to the inspiring talks we received from speakers, Fr Christopher Del Rosario and Helen and Kevin Wagner.

Three of our students, Pieta Winkels, Maria Corson and Peter Rebbechi, who had journeyed to Portugal and the Holy Land last year for WYD23 also shared their testimonies and experiences in a profound talk.

Alongside daily Mass, all night Adoration and Bible study, students also enjoyed sports and team activities. The retreat provided all with the opportunity to grow in the faith and the lessons on how to integrate it into their lives when returning to everyday life.


By Faustina Yeo, Chaplaincy Liaison Officer