Commencement Milestone: 2024 Matriculation Breaks Records

27 Feb 2024

Campion College kicked off the academic year with its 2024 Matriculation Ceremony, held on Monday, 26 January. The event marked not only the beginning of a new educational journey for the incoming students but also celebrated the college's largest-ever cohort of commencing scholars.

The tradition of matriculation dates back centuries, signifying the formal admission of students into the academic community. At Campion College, this tradition is upheld with great reverence, symbolising the commitment of the college and its students to scholarly pursuits.

Families of the newly matriculated students seized the opportunity to visit the campus for the first time, adding to the festive atmosphere of the occasion.

We were also delighted to welcome seven students from New Zealand as part of the commencing student cohort. Their presence further enriches the vibrant tapestry of cultures and perspectives that define the Campion experience.

See below for photos from the event.