Monica Doumit shares personal testimony at Formal Hall

23 Mar 2024

Monica Doumit, Director of Public Affairs and Engagement for the Archdiocese of Sydney and a columnist with The Catholic Weekly, delivered a thought-provoking address at Campion College's formal hall event on Thursday, March 21.

Throughout her speech, Monica underscored the significance of fighting for causes aligned with Catholic values, even in the face of inevitable setbacks. "There's a temptation sometimes not to fight. But even if we know we're going to fall, the way we fall matters. And putting up a fight matters because it gives witness to the world that there is an alternative," she asserted.

Monica also pointed out how important it is for different faiths to come together and work as one. She said that when they collaborate, they become stronger in standing up for the role of religion in public life. It's not just about one faith, but about protecting religious freedom for everyone in society.

As she concluded her address, Monica imparted a message of hope and resilience to the audience, affirming the enduring strength of a culture rooted in life and faith. "Our job as Catholics is to remain firm and to provide that resistance because it is formative for future generations," she stated.

See below for photos from the night.