Embracing Divine Love with the Sisters of Life

Srs of Life Apr 2024 (Web) 10
Srs of Life Apr 2024 (Web) 10
26 Apr 2024

Earlier this week, our students were honoured to welcome Sr. Marie Veritas and Sr. Mary Grace of the Sisters of Life to Campion College.

Following a hearty meal, Sr. Marie Veritas' illuminating talk, titled 'Let Love Call Your Name,' reminded students of the transformative power of embracing God's love.

"To allow yourself to be loved is to allow yourself to be the man or woman God made you to be," she shared. "His love makes us more real, more alive, more and more ourselves."

After the talk, students had the opportunity to ask questions and gain further wisdom from both sisters. The evening concluded with a tour through the  college library, admiring the beauty of our stained glass skylight.

We are so grateful to Sr. Marie Veritas and Sr. Mary Grace for taking the time to be with us on campus. May the warmth and wisdom shared during this gathering continue to inspire us as we journey forward.