Alumni share wisdom with students

Screenshot-2. Campion College Australia.
Screenshot-2. Campion College Australia.
21 Sep 2020

On 15 September five alumni gathered online to share the wisdom of their experience since leaving Campion.

Students gathered on campus to hear the alumni cover teaching, music therapy, marketing, administration and married life on this second Zoom Career Night with Alumni. Two alumni spoke about their experiences after graduating and these presentations were followed by a question and answer time including three other panellists.

Jessica Buchanan (class of 2017) shared her experience in applying for and being accepted into the Teach for Australia Graduate Program. Jessica gave a lot of practical advice about the process and the benefits of applying for a graduate program. She spoke passionately about her desire to be a good teacher and to make a difference in rural communities, where she works.

Music Therapy
Ivy Wallace (class of 2009) completed a Master of Creative Music Therapy and now works as a music therapist, which combines her love of music and desire to help people. She shared some of her experiences as a music therapist and how she found her way into this profession a few years after completing her degree at Campion.

Philosophy and motherhood
Fenelle McLaurin (class of 2012) and Monica Aarts (class of 2013) shared their experiences of studying philosophy post-Campion and the way they integrate their love of learning and insights from the liberal arts with their current vocation as wives and mothers.

Jacob Munday (class of 2015) gave some very practical and insightful advice from his perspective working at Patrick’s Business Academy. He noted that good education administration is vital to the effective running of an educational institution and in many ways is just as important as the teaching. He also shared some practical skills and steps for students to consider both now and in the future when they graduate.

Campion’s Marketing and Student Recruitment Manager, Christine Vella, also gave a brief but very helpful presentation on some practical tips to consider when setting up a LinkedIn or Seek profile.

Some good questions followed the presentations and gave the alumni an opportunity to share further from their personal experiences and give advice they had gained in their respective journeys after Campion. It was really encouraging to see alumni who are excelling in their chosen fields but also willing to give back to current Campion students and provide inspiration and support for them.

Overall, the career night with alumni was a successful and enjoyable evening. Students who attended were encouraged by the support and honesty of the alumni and deeply appreciated the time that was put into organising the event. Students were also inspired to start or update their LinkedIn profile after hearing of practical tips to do this.

A big thank you to Sr M Luka Juenemann for organising this event and to each of the alumni for sharing of your time and from your heart.

This reflection was written by college librarian Keziah Van Aardt.

A student's perspective

What I personally find most striking, are (surprisingly) the far more abstract, general notions that were brought up on both nights about "the bigger picture", for lack of a better description.

When the presenters start talking about Campion as a basis for the rest of life, the uniqueness of the environment here, the usefulness of the BA in a spiritual and cognitive sense, the healthiness of a spiritual life growing among so many thorns - that's what really piques my fascination! What most touched me was the further relevance I found after listening to the presenters in our motto: "Educare ad aeternitatem'".
Ariel Casanova, first-year student.