Bakers Delight Co-Founder Lesley Gillespie shares wisdom: ‘I delight in the success of others’

Formal Hall Lesley Gillespie Oct 2022 24
Formal Hall Lesley Gillespie Oct 2022 24
14 Oct 2022

Campion hosted the founders of Australian franchise Bakers Delight, Lesley and Roger Gillespie, at Formal Hall last night.

Lesley, who is Co-Founder and Director of the now-multinational behemoth franchise, gave an engaging and fascinating look into how she and her husband began the business and dealt with both success and failure.

One piece of wisdom she directed at the assembled students was that part of the Gillespie's success was their delight in enabling the success of others - specifically their franchisees.

Hear Lesley's entire talk: