Campion graduates give back in student mentoring program

Anna-Harrison-04. Campion College Australia.
Anna-Harrison-04. Campion College Australia.
12 Oct 2021

Campion is well known for its strong sense of community, with students past and present often referring to the college network as “one big family”.

We’re pleased to report that the ties between the greater student-graduate body have strengthened further over the past two years with the introduction of the Campion CONNECTions alumni mentoring program.

Students in their final year of study, or recently graduated, are put in touch with a member of the Campion alumni who shares the mentee’s vocational interests and journey, to guide and mentor them in the years after leaving Campion.

The following mentee testimonies showcase the great impact of learning from the experience of an alumni mentor:

Rebecca Cooper (Class of 2019)
The mentoring program was a great way for me to scope out the profession I was interested in pursuing before enrolling in further study or applying for a specific job. It’s invaluable to be able to sit down with someone who is currently knee-deep in the area of work you are interested in, and to ask questions about what their general work day is like and get advice before deciding to take that next step. Pursuing something vocational can be daunting, so having the connection to someone who has already taken that leap and being able to ask lots of questions was helpful in turning the ‘idea’ of that profession into a more realistic picture.


Johanna Ryan (Class of 2020)
It was wonderful to be part of the Campion College mentoring program. The College connected me with an alumna who went on to become a Latin teacher after graduating from Campion. This was ideal for me as I wanted to do a Masters of Teaching in Latin and English after graduating myself. As well as helping me to choose a course and transition to postgraduate university, my mentor was also able to help me to start tutoring Latin students part-time.


By being available to share their experience and offer guidance, alumni mentors are making an important contribution to our Campion community. Campion CONNECTions is a great way for graduates to give back to the college. At the same time, mentors are rewarded professionally and personally by broadening their professional networks and connections, developing coaching and mentoring skills. playing an active role in helping students in a challenging transition time and using their skills, experience and knowledge to make a real difference in the life of another person.


Here is what some of the mentors had to say:

Fenelle McLaurin (Class of 2012)
It was a delight to mentor graduate Elizabeth during her first year out of Campion, especially as she approached the defining sacrament of marriage. Our mentoring sessions were friendly and practical. Any wisdom I might lay claim to was readily heard by Elizabeth and it was a privilege to be able to share my experiences and ideas with her. As I inch ever closer to a decade since graduation, the mentoring program has been a special way to start giving back to the College I owe so much to.


Angela Schumann (Class of 2011)
Being a part of the mentoring program has been a wonderful experience for me. I am so grateful for the support that I have received from the college, its staff and its friends over the years, and it is gratifying to be able to give back. I was paired with Sophia, who is looking to enter into postgraduate studies in Literature with a view to Academia, and is definitely one to watch. I have enjoyed building a relationship with her and sharing some of the things that I have found useful. I have every faith that she will achieve whatever she puts her mind to, and am excited to be a part of her journey.


Miriam-Makowiecki (Class of 2012)
With a few years of teaching experience, I was keen to take on a mentoring role for a Campion student also pursuing teaching. I mentored Johanna, who was interested in teaching Latin which is, of course, a bit of a niche market. I suggested a variety of options she could pursue, from traditional classroom teaching to self-employment. At that time, I was tutoring Latin online and I was able to pass on a couple of my own students to her to teach. It was great to be able to give her that experience and help her gain employment, which can sometimes be tricky after graduating. I feel that helping out another student is the least I can do, having been given so much by Campion College.