Campion Literature Lecturer to Launch Second Book of Poems

SM-3-192x300-1. Campion College Australia.
SM-3-192x300-1. Campion College Australia.
28 Apr 2016

Dr. Stephen McInerney, senior lecturer in literature at Campion College Australia, will launch his second book of poems entitled "The Wind Outside", at 6pm on 5th May at Gleebooks (49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe).

In this volume, Dr. McInerney celebrates experience in all its physical, sensual, and emotional complexity, putting the reader in Australia, Britain, France and rural Greece.

Using traditional and experimental poetic forms, Dr. McInerney evokes not only the particularity of a place, but the spiritual and philosophical depths beneath material things.

The book will be launched by the renowned Australian poet, Dr. Robert Gray, and signed copies will be sold at the launch.

SM-3-192x300-1. Campion College Australia.

Deon Testore is the president of Campion’s Debating Society.

For further details and to RSVP, visit Gleebooks by clicking the link: http://ow.ly/10DLcC

Click here to buy a copy of The Wind Outside.