Campion students turn out in big numbers to pro-life rally

21 Aug, 2019

Campion students amidst the thousands who attended the pro-life rally in Martin Place. Photo: Giovanni Portelli Photography

A large proportion of the Campion College student body joined the thousands of peaceful protesters in Sydney last night to protest the abortion bill being debated in the NSW Parliament.

Third-year student Bethany Marsh was one of those leading the massive crowds in chants like “stand for life” and “love them both”.

Student Bethany Marsh leads a protest outside Parliament House in Sydney. Photo: Giovanni Portelli Photography

Martin Place was full to bursting as Upper House members debated the controversial bill in parliament across the road, with an estimated 5,000-10,000 people in attendance, holding signs and chanting pro-life slogans.

A number of Campion students held a flash mob in Central Station prior to the rally to sing the Christmas lullaby Coventry Carol, or “Lully Lulla Lullay”. They later reprised the hymn in Martin Place following the rally.

The carol is a fictional lullaby intended to represent the mothers of the doomed children who King Herod ordered to be killed in the Slaughter of the Innocents.

Students writing letters to all upper house members of parliament.

Campion has been well-represented throughout the debate, with numerous students rallying outside Parliament House in Sydney since the announcement of the bill a couple of weeks ago.

Our students also spent several days preparing dozens of handwritten letters to each Member of the NSW Legislative Council, urging them to vote against the bill, which would legalise abortion on demand up until birth.

In response to the widespread outrage against the bill, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has agreed to delay voting on the bill (which was meant to take place on Tuesday) for three weeks to allow further consultation and discussion.

Watch the students singing “Lully Lulla Lullay” below.