Classics Dinner Celebrates Passion for Ancient Languages at Campion College

Classics Dinner Oct 2023 1
Classics Dinner Oct 2023 1
13 Oct 2023

In a night filled with camaraderie and appreciation for the rich tapestry of Classical Languages, Campion College held its much-anticipated Classics Dinner, to honour the dedication of students to the study of Latin and Classical Greek. The event was marked by special seating alongside the High Table for students immersed in the Classics , as well as a delectable array of hors d'oeuvres before dinner service.

First-year Diploma of Classical Languages student, Kiera Hardege, took to the stage to deliver a heartfelt plea to her fellow students who have yet to embark on the journey of Classical Languages. Her earnest encouragement underscored the profound impact and rewards that come with embracing these ancient tongues.

The spotlight then turned to Classics Lecturer, Mr. Thomas Flynn. When asked the perennial question of "why study dead languages," Mr. Flynn provided a thoughtful response, shedding light on the profound significance of delving into the ancient tongues. He articulated, "Well, a common answer is that it is a way to get inside the past. It's a way to get to know these Greeks, these Romans, who are in important ways, very different from us, but in other important ways, very similar."

Mr. Flynn continued by shedding light on the personal connection he feels with the authors he studies and the joy he derives from sharing their company with others. He lauded the dedication of his students, highlighting the significant milestone of their third year when they delve into more complex texts.

The evening also provided occasion to celebrate the launch of advanced Latin units, specifically tailored for students who have studied Latin prior to their enrolment at Campion College. These units, which delve into the works of Virgil and Cicero, offer a unique opportunity for deeper engagement with the material.

In closing, Mr. Flynn imparted valuable advice for the upcoming summer, emphasising the importance of consistent effort in mastering classical languages. He urged students to view themselves not as empty vessels, but as flames that require consistent nurturing and care.

A special thanks is extended to Ella McDonald, Reshan Weerakkody, Louis Urschitz, and Peter Rebbechi for their captivating musical performance. Please see below for photos from the night.

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