COVID-19: Further update from Campion President

CampionCollege-Toongabbie-28-e1574045802503. Campion College Australia.
CampionCollege-Toongabbie-28-e1574045802503. Campion College Australia.
23 Mar 2020

Campion will suspend classes for two weeks, then recommence online.

Update from Campion President Paul Morrissey regarding Covid-19

23 March 2020

In consideration of the widespread shutdown of businesses, churches and other institutions announced last night by the government, we have decided to suspend classes for two weeks and move to an online teaching mode on Monday 6 April. We have been preparing for this eventuality and these two weeks will ensure that the move to online teaching is as smooth as possible.

The mid-semester break is being moved forward and the regular STUVAC and exam period will also be reduced, meaning students will still be able to complete the semester on 18 June, as scheduled.

Our residential students are welcome to remain on campus for the duration of the semester, while we are making all necessary arrangements for those wishing to move off-campus or return home. For those students who wish to remain, we are following all the health protocols to ensure the safety and health of all.

As with other church services around the country, public Mass will not be offered on campus until further notice, and we are asking any and all visitors to avoid visiting the college during this time.

I would like to thank all our staff, particularly our Dean, Dr Luciano Boshciero, and the Student Life Office, for all their hard work and assistance during this unprecedented period.

I also thank our students and supporters for their understanding, and I encourage everyone to stay safe and take particular care during this time.

We unite our prayers with those around the world for those affected by the virus, and pray for a swift end to this crisis.

Dr Paul Morrissey