Family and friends gather for 2023 Matriculation Ceremony

Matriculation February 2023 15
Matriculation February 2023 15
28 Feb 2023

On Monday the 27th of February, Campion College welcomed 42 new undergraduates to the college during our Matriculation Mass and Ceremony.

The annual ceremony took place at the front of campus, where students were robed in academic gowns and signed their names into Campion’s Matriculation Book. Dr Morrissey then addressed the students and spoke about the unique educational experience that lies ahead:

"I can honestly say that if you enter into our program with an open mind, a sincere heart, with the desire to learn and an aptitude to study, you will be wiser than you are today.

And by this I do not just mean that you will know more about the specific things that you will study; but you will be able to think and contemplate that which is good and true; that you will know more about yourself (which is the beginning of wisdom); about society; about fundamental questions; and about God.

And this is what a liberal education means – that you will be educated in what it means to be human and that you will have the tools to be lifelong learners and seekers of wisdom."

Dr Morrissey also took the opportunity to thank the families of our new students for supporting their children in pursing study at Campion before inviting all present to a BBQ lunch.

We extend our congratulations to our new students and look forward to seeing the wonderful things you will achieve as Campion undergrads!