Gina Rinehart secures naming rights to Campion College’s new library

24 Aug 2023

Campion College, Australia’s first liberal arts college, has named its new library after Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart AO.

Since becoming Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group in 1992, Gina Rinehart has transformed the Group to become one of the most successful private mining companies in the world, and the most successful private company in Australia’s history. Gina Rinehart is an Australian patriot who is a leading figure in Australia’s Olympics efforts - being patron of four national teams and the largest single non-government contributor to the Olympic effort in Australia’s history - and has received the rare honour of an order of merit from the Australian Olympic organisation for her contribution.

Gina Rinehart is one of Australia’s great philanthropists, quietly supporting a number of worthy medical, sporting, veteran, educational and health organisations. She has been the recipient of many prestigious awards during her career, including most recently being awarded West Australian of the Year.

The Gina Rinehart Library will serve as a sanctuary for scholars, with its thoughtfully curated collection of over 25,000 books and resources. This remarkable facility expertly combines traditional and modern aesthetics, creating an inviting space that nurtures intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. Abundant natural light illuminates the two-storey facility, with comfortable study areas situated amongst the College’s extensive collection.

Dr Paul Morrissey, President of Campion College, expressed his excitement, saying, "We are deeply honoured and thankful to Mrs Rinehart for her transformative contribution to Campion College. She is a great Australian, committed to our country’s wellbeing and its future, and it is fitting that this library is named after her. The library is a magnificent addition to the campus, the highlight of which, in addition to its books, is a superb original stained-glass skylight over the grand staircase. Mrs Rinehart’s assistance represents a significant contribution to the future of Campion College and its commitment to providing a world-class academic experience for young Australians. We are honoured to name the Campion College library after this great Australian.”