Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek is offered at Campion College as part of the Diploma of Classical Languages or as stand-alone units. 

For those studying the Diploma, no previous study is assumed for beginners. In the introductory and intermediate units, students cover all the aspects of grammar and vocabulary that are required to enable them to read Classical texts in the original language in the advanced units. Authors include: Homer, Herodotus, Plato and the Athenian dramatists.

Greek units at Campion

GRE101: Classical Greek I

This unit provides the essential linguistic foundation to the study of Greek literature, philosophy, culture and history. Click here for the unit outline.

GRE102: Classical Greek II

This unit furthers the study of Greek morphology and introduces fundamental notions of Greek syntax. Click here for the unit outline.

GRE201: Classical Greek III

The unit offers a deeper study of Greek morphology and syntax, and introduces students to the study of the texts of classical authors. Click here for the unit outline.

GRE202: Classical Greek IV

This unit involves the close reading of excerpts from classical works of Greek prose and poetry, and practice in Greek composition. Click here for the unit outline.

GRE301: The Main Themes of Greek Literature

This unit offers advanced study of Classical Greek. Reading, comprehension and translation skills are refined by preparing passages for class discussion. Click here for the unit outline.

GRE302: The Genres of Greek Literature

This unit is based on the advanced study of selected genres of Greek Literature, such as epic poetry, choral lyric, monodic lyric, the novel, and drama. Click here for the unit outline.


Please note that units must be studied sequentially given prerequisite requirements.

Pre req: GRE101
Pre req: GRE102
Pre req: GRE201
Pre req: GRE202
Pre req: GRE301

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