High achievers pursue studies at Campion College

Matriculation February 2023 27
Matriculation February 2023 27
13 Apr 2023

Campion College has welcomed a record number of high achievers in its liberal arts program this year, with 25 per cent of new students achieving an ATAR of 90.00 or higher in their Year 12 studies.

College president, Dr Paul Morrissey, warmly welcomed all commencing students in a Matriculation Ceremony at the start of the semester and acknowledged the unique study environment on offer at Campion as a drawcard for high achievers.

“Our Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts has always attracted students from a diverse range of locations and backgrounds but this year it is particularly exciting to see so many high achievers from across the country choosing Campion for their undergraduate studies.”

“High achievers often receive multiple study offers and to have such students choose Campion College, especially in favour of institutions closer to home, is a testament to the quality of our course, academic staff and study environment.”

“We are delighted to be able to recognise the efforts of these students with our modest Academic Excellence Scholarships and extend our sincere thanks to our donors for supporting these students with relocation and tuition.”

High achieving alumni have also returned to Campion this year to become students once again as part of the inaugural honours year class.

"Campion College was delighted to welcome back four graduates into our inaugural Honours program,” said Honours Coordinator Dr Stephen McInerney.

“Honours students are taking part in weekly seminars led by Dr Jeremy Bell and regular consultations with their supervisors as they begin research on their dissertation topics. Various topics in ancient and modern philosophy and European history are being explored.”

Campion’s Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts (Honours) received course accreditation in mid-2022 and provides the opportunity for committed students to undertake specialised and extended scholarship in either history, literature, philosophy or theology.

Current Honours student, Ashleigh Mills, shared her rationale for enrolling in the course, citing a love for history and delight at the opportunity to delve deeper into topics explored in Campion’s three-year Bachelor degree.

“For me, doing Honours at Campion is an opportunity to 'hone my craft' as a scholar. Even after three years, I felt like I was just scratching the surface on so many areas of interest. I loved the idea of digging deep into a particular field of history and learning how to research, critique and articulate ideas well.”

“The chance to learn how to read well, write well and think well is such a gift, and something that will impact whatever work I undertake in the future.”

To learn more about Campion College’s undergraduate courses and scholarships, as well as ways you can help support Campion College students, visit www.campion.edu.au.