Latin is offered at Campion College as part of the Diploma of Classical Languages or as stand-alone units. 

For those studying the Diploma, no previous study is assumed for beginners. In the introductory and intermediate units, students cover all the aspects of grammar and vocabulary that are required to enable them to read Classical texts in the original language in the advanced units. Authors include: Vergil, Cicero, Horace and Augustine.

Latin units at Campion

LAN101: Classical Latin I

The unit introduces students to Latin phonetics, morphology, composition and vocabulary in order to develop experience and competence. Click here for the unit outline.

LAN102: Classical Latin II

LAN102 is the continuation of LAN101 and will continue instructing students on the morphology of the Latin language. Click here for the unit outline.

LAN203: Classical Latin III

This unit introduces students to the study of Latin syntax. Students will be invited to memorise poetry and passages of prose. Click here for the unit outline.

LAN204: Classical Latin IV

This unit continues the study of the Latin syntax initiated in LAN203: the syntax of cases and the syntax of the verb. Click here for the unit outline.

LAN301: Language, Culture and Society in Republican Rome 

This unit focuses on the Latin language within the context of the literary tradition of Ancient Rome, including texts of Sallust, Cicero and Catullus. Click here for the unit outline.

LAN302: Pagans and Christians – From Augustus to Augustine

This unit explores the evolution of the Latin language through the reading and translation of texts from the Age of Augustus to Augustine. Click here for the unit outline. Click here for the unit outline.

LAN305: The Eternal City – The Poetics and Politics of Space and Language from Paganism to Christianity

This unit focuses on the study of Rome as a space of social activity and cultural exchange from its foundation to the advent and spread of Christianity. Click here for the unit outline.

Please note that units must be studied sequentially given prerequisite requirements.

Pre req: LAN101
Pre req: LAN102
Pre req: LAN203
Pre req: LAN204
Pre req: LAN301

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