New students matriculated at first Formal Hall of 2022

30 Mar 2022

Five new students were matriculated into Campion's first year cohort on Thursday at the first formal hall of 2022.

It was also the first time formal hall has returned to the dining hall in two years, following the easing of restrictions in NSW.

Campion president Paul Morrissey, the speaker for the evening, said it was wonderful to be able to gather again in the dining hall for Campion's fortnightly formal dinner.

Dr Morrissey then gave a short history of formal hall, originating as an Oxbridge tradition, and explained the etiquette of formal hall at Campion, particularly for the benefit of new students.

During the evening, those first-years who were unable to attend Matriculation were inducted into the Campion student body, receiving their academic gowns and signing the matriculation book.

See photos from the evening below.