No ATAR? No problem! There’s more than one pathway into Campion

25 Jan 2021

Did you know that there are a number of pathways that can help you gain the skills and qualifications necessary to commence your studies at Campion?

The pathway that is relevant to you will be determined by your academic background. So whether you completed Year 12 recently or over a decade ago, have studied at TAFE or another tertiary institution or taken a gap year (or three!), we're here to help you determine the right pathway for you.


Higher Education Studies

If you have partially or fully completed a higher education course, this is the pathway for you. Campion requires evidence of at least one complete semester of study at a Higher Education Provider.


Bridging Course

Individuals who have completed a bridging or enabling course delivered by or on behalf of a higher education provider may demonstrate successful completion of said course as the basis for their admission to Campion.


Vocation education training (VET) study

If you have studies at a public TAFE or other VET provider, Campion requires evidence of at least one complete semester of study in a Certificate IV (AQF 4).


Recent Secondary Education

If you completed your secondary education in the current year or within the previous two years, we can use your ATAR as the basis for your admission. The minimum ATAR requirement for standard admission into Campion is 70.00. OP and IB equivalents are also accepted.

If you have experienced long-term educational disadvantage, you may be able to receive an ATAR adjustment of up to five points under Campion's Education Access Scheme. Applicants with an ATAR below 65.00 may be considered for Provisional Enrolment. Please visit our Admissions page for further information and get in touch with our Student Recruitment Manager to discuss these options further.


Western Civilization Foundation Great Books Program

It is possible to become eligible for admission to Campion College by completing two years of the Angelicum Academy’s four-year online Great Books Program. For more information, please see here and here on the Angelicum Academy website.


Don't fit under any of the above categories?

If you didn't receive an ATAR as part of your high school study plan or if you finished high school over two years ago and haven't undertaken additional study since then, you can gain entry to Campion by sitting the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). The STAT is an aptitude test that evaluates verbal and quantitative reasoning. It is not something that you necessarily need to study for - instead think of it like a tool to benchmark your current ability.

STAT testing can be undertaken at testing centres across the country and online. Campion requires results for both the STAT Written English and STAT Multiple Choice tests equivalent to an ATAR of 70. Currently this is a score of 140 for Written English and a Q or V Score of 140. Click here to visit the ACER website for more information. 


Looking for more information?

Check out our Admissions page or get in touch with our Student Recruitment Manager for personalised advice.

(02) 9896 9303 | study@campion.edu.au.