Parramatta Professionals Forum meets again after lockdown ends

Parramatta Professionals Forum
Parramatta Professionals Forum
13 Dec 2021

After months of lockdown, the Parramatta Professionals Forum met up last week in Parramatta for lunch.

Campion president Dr Paul Morrissey (left) talking with Dr Fahey (middle).

Campion president Dr Paul Morrissey (left) talking with Dr Fahey (middle).

Guest speaker Dr John Fahey gave a presentation on his time at the Defence Signals Directorate (1988-1996), as well as serving in several regimental and intelligence postings in the British and Australian armies between 1975 and 2014. After his presentation he kindly responded to questions from the guests.

Dr Fahey, who authored Australia’s First Spies: The Remarkable Story of Australian Intelligence Operations, 1901-45 and Traitors and Spies: Espionage and corruption in high places in Australia, 1901-50, is now working on the first volume of a new book covering the period of his intelligence postings. He is also managing director of Cynergex Group, a medical education services company.

The Parramatta Professionals Forum is a network group comprising organiser Campion College, McAuley Hawach Lawyers and Blueprint Property.

The forum was created to bring together professionals from the Parramatta area to network and nurture professional relationships with each other. The forum allows all members a space to contribute to the public debate while providing an opportunity for more dialogue with local government.

If you are interested in joining the lunches in 2022 and learning more about the Parramatta Professionals Forum please contact Yvette from Campion College or Marlyn from Blueprint Property.


Lucy Denley (left) and Janet Coombs attend the lunch.