Part-time Study

Enrol as a part-time student

Part-time study is available for domestic students enrolled in either the Bachelor of Arts or the Graduate Certificate of Religious Education (Primary). Part-time means enrolment in 12 credit points or less (1 or 2 units of study) per semester.

Commencing part-time students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts must select their unit(s) from the available 100-level units of study. Completion of the BA must be within a maximum of 6 years.

Each unit of study requires three contact hours per week. Classes are scheduled during regular business hours (9am-6pm). FEE-HELP is available for part-time study.

Part-time study is not available for international students, as their student visa requires full-time enrolment (18 credit points per semester).

Enrol as a miscellaneous student

Students wishing to complete a unit of study out of personal interest, without enrolling in a course, may do so as a Miscellaneous student. Units completed as Miscellaneous student may later be credited towards a qualification if a student decides to enrol in a course.

Miscellaneous students must pay tuition fees up-front.

Audit a unit

External students may have the opportunity to attend lessons in a unit of study without having to complete assessment requirements. In such circumstances, no credit is awarded towards a qualification.

Auditing students must pay reduced tuition fees up-front.

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