Students contemplate how “God Works in Mysterious Ways” at annual retreat

Student Retreat March 2023 Featured Image
Student Retreat March 2023 Featured Image
14 Mar 2023

Campion’s annual student retreat took place at Benedict XVI Retreat Centre this past weekend (Friday 10-Saturday 12 March).

Students attended a total of four talks over the three days, each surrounding the theme “God Works in Mysterious Ways”. Each talk offered a unique perspective on vocation discernment and the speaker's personal experiences with God. The Religious Sisters of Mercy spoke about their path to becoming religious sisters. They were followed by Deacon Tony Hoban who explained his role as a Deacon and his experiences working with inmates in prison ministry. The final talk was given by Mr. Charbel Raish who recounted his conversion story and how he came to discern marriage whilst in the seminary.

While the retreat provided ample opportunity for daily prayer, reflection and spiritual formation, it also allowed time for the connections between our commencing and continuing undergrads to strengthen. Free time was spent on sporting and recreational activities, as well as sitting around a campfire into the late hours of the night. Students were also given the opportunity to perform during talent night, an annual tradition of Campion student retreats.

A special thanks is extended to all of the guest speakers, our college chaplain, Student Life Officer and Chaplaincy Coordinators for their efforts in coordinating this retreat.