Students get a slice of Campion history at Formal Hall

29 Mar 2021

Students and staff gathered for the second formal hall of the year - one more than Campion celebrated in 2020, as president Dr Paul Morrissey pointed out.

The formal hall was held on Thursday, the Feast of the Annunciation, and hosted Campion board member James Power, whose father helped found the college.

Mr Power gave the students a "scrambled" history of Campion's foundation, inspired by the liberal arts colleges in the United States, in particular Christendom College, in Virginia.

His recounted how his father, James Power Snr, and friend Karl Schmude decided to found a uniquely Australian Catholic liberal arts college, to educate young Australians on the history and ideas of Western Civilisation.

Their endeavours led to the beginning of Campion in 2016, with Mr Power Jnr following in his father's footsteps by presiding on the board.

See photos of the event below.