Students get career tips from alumni

Career-Night-Collage. Campion College Australia.
Career-Night-Collage. Campion College Australia.
23 May 2022

Sr M Luka Juenemann
Student Life and Alumni Relations Officer


On Thursday, 12 May, Campion alumni Fenelle McLaurin (class of 2012) and Madeleine Anthony (class of 2019) were joined by career education student Samantha Samrani to give current students tips on how to navigate their career journey, making use of the great foundation of a BA in the Liberal Arts.

Fenelle had five valuable tips: aim high, work hard, upskill, be responsive to change and a delight to work with.

Samantha suggested not to think of careers as being linear and that it’s the reality of work today that one should rather think of job clusters and transferrable skills when making career decisions.

Madeleine spoke of her time at Campion and how skills in critical thinking and analysis, as well as creative writing, have helped her in her law studies.

Campion students are equipped to face any challenges that might come their way as they have been taught to look at issues from various perspectives and think for themselves to reach conclusions.

Third year student Isabelle Lindsey reflects on notable tips she has received from the night:

  1. Work on developing transferrable skills
  2. Keep studying after Campion - don't take a very long break; just enjoy the summer holidays.
  3. Dream big career-wise and don't settle.
  4. Look for employers who will help me develop my skills whilst I'm working for them.

We thank Fenelle, Madeleine and Samantha for coming and sharing their insights.