Students get unique insights into what awaits them post-Campion

Anthony-Spata-Session-980x735-1. Campion College Australia.
Anthony-Spata-Session-980x735-1. Campion College Australia.
25 Mar 2021


Anthony-Spata-Session-980x735-1. Campion College Australia.

“Insider’s Guide to the Job Market” session with Anthony Spata. Photo: Anna Burton

By Lauren Brodie
Third-year student

Campion students received valuable insights in the job market during an information session on campus recently.

The event, led by Anthony Spata from REACH Human Resources, was a wonderful opportunity for students to plan ahead for what awaits us at the conclusion of our studies.

Over tea and biscuits, we discussed a variety of items including a refresher on how to compose the most appealing CV and cover letter as well as some key tips for attending job interviews and what employers are looking for in their potential employees.

Mr Spata’s association with charitable organisations and Catholic education put a particular slant on the conversation as he had a unique perspective on these areas. The impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on these sectors and how this would affect new jobseekers like ourselves was a topic that received a great deal of attention.

We also delved into the best possible route for those with an interest in certain areas, like STEM fields, and what to do when unclear about which career path to embark on.

It was an enjoyable and useful evening, and everyone walked away eyes a little wider and heads a little fuller.