Students learn how to break into the world of performing arts with CAPTIVATE

2021-October-Captivate-dance-and-drama-edited. Campion College Australia.
2021-October-Captivate-dance-and-drama-edited. Campion College Australia.
20 Oct 2021

The CAPTIVATE Creative and Performing Arts Team working across Catholic schools in the Parramatta Diocese has been available for Campion students in two Q&A sessions over the past weeks. The first event on 6 October focused on music & digital arts careers, and the second one on 18 October on dance & drama.

2021-Oct-Captivate-David-Russell-edited-300x211-1. Campion College Australia.

Captivate Creative Director David Russell

In the first session, artistic director David Russell answered students’ questions alongside Saidie Ly, a graphic designer who teaches in digital arts. Both of them encouraged the participants to be open to the opportunities which come their way. In today’s world, especially in the creative arts, there is no direct root to one’s desired career path; a lot of it is about networking, they said.

In the second session, Lucinda Armour (drama), Natasha Beaumont (voiceover) and Melinda Omokaro (dance) shared their passions and performance expertise with our students, advising them to get to know the various styles of drama or dancing and to immerse themselves in as much as they can while being open-minded that the creative arts are a competitive environment.



2021-October-Captivate-music-and-art-edited-300x235-1. Campion College Australia.

Students and staff attend session.

Both sessions gave Campion students invaluable insights into the creative industries, and guided them in how to break into the creative and performing arts world.

CAPTIVATE is home to a diverse and exceptional range of Australia’s leading industry professionals and specialist teachers. David Russell, professional singer and conductor, is the artistic director and manages the performance programs and overall planning for CAPTIVATE, including linking performance opportunities to diocesan events and the wider performing arts industry, as well as co-constructing the School-Based and Masterclass components of the CAPTIVATE program.