Tanya Davies talks about political career in intimate Q&A at Campion

Tanya-Davies-edited-3. Campion College Australia.
Tanya-Davies-edited-3. Campion College Australia.
05 May 2022

Ashleigh Mills
Democratic Club Vice President


Campion's Democratic Club had the pleasure of hosting Tanya Davies, NSW Member for Mulgoa, to meet with students and talk on a range of questions and topics on Monday evening.

Students gathered in the dining hall for a sit-down discussion and Q&A, speaking to Tanya about her unusual experience as a Christian in politics.

Tanya began by sharing her story and the events which prompted her to run for election, first in her local council, then as a member of the NSW Parliament.

Discussion continued on how the nature of political office can and should be concerned with directly solving problems in the community, and Tanya shared her experiences of being able to help people in fundamentally practical ways as a local representative.

The conversation then turned towards recent ethical debates, including abortion, euthanasia and the need for protection of vital freedoms, prompted by the government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Students learned more of Tanya's tireless efforts in standing against Covid vaccine mandates and the difficulties in being a lone voice on controversial issues.

Finally, Tanya was able to speak on the great need for more Christians to enter government. Students were inspired to consider the relationship between faith and politics and were encouraged by Tanya's testimony to the great impact one person can have in standing up for what is right and good in the political sphere.

The Democratic Club would like to thank everyone who attended, and especially Tanya for her generosity and openness in speaking with students. It was a wonderful evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all.