Theatre Society performs Nativity play for local school students

Nativity Play Nov 2022 12
Nativity Play Nov 2022 12
25 Nov 2022

The Campion Theatre Society took some time off from exams to perform a Nativity play for a local school.

All scripture students from Metella Road Public School in Toongabbie were gathered to watch the performance, in which the CTS members acted out the parts while CTS president Abbey Pereira read out passages from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew as narrator.

Following the performance, the Campion students put simple questions to the children about the Nativity story. The school students, who ranged from Kindergarten to Year 6, also inundated the CTS members in theological questions of their own.

The play was facilitated between Campion and Metella Road as a way for Campion students to support the local community.

Cast list:

Mary - Filomena Peoples
Joseph - Simeon Casey
Angel Gabriel - Adam Odrowaz
Elizabeth - Hannah Portelli
Shepherds - Gareth Cassidy, Ethan Morson
Three Wise Men - Francis Zaar, Ambrose Doodeman, John Paul Canavan
King Herod - Ethan Morson
Narrator - Abbey Pereira