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Introduction to Western Civilisation

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Discover the origins of

Western Civilisation

What is “Western Civilisation”? This contested phrase does not refer to a homogeneous system of ideas and institutions. Rather, Western Civilisation is best thought of as an ever-changing battleground of different approaches to life’s great problems.

This online course introduces students to some of the great literary, philosophical, and theological texts in the Western canon that grapple with big questions including:

• Is freedom the most important political value? Is it compatible with social order?
• What is the meaning of life?
• Is reason our sole guide in navigating life’s challenges or should we rely also on divine revelation?

In addition to these questions, Introduction to Western Civilisation also covers some key episodes in Western European history, which can be understood most fundamentally as concerted attempts to implement different answers to these questions.

Enrolment in this short course is open to anyone, regardless of age or location. The course is self-paced and delivered through an online learning portal containing 13 pre-recorded lectures. This means you can start at any time and study at your own pace.

The short course can also be used as an alternative admission pathway into Campion College. See below for further details

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Key features

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Self-paced, online learning

13-part series, delivered by Campion’s esteemed academics. Start at any time and study at your own pace.

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Open to all

Anyone can enrol regardless of age or location.

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Alternative admission pathway

Use this short course as your admission into Campion College by completing the included assessment module. See FAQ below for further details.

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