Why Choose Campion?

Campion College is dedicated to ensuring our students enjoy a focused and rich education. We work hard to ensure all students achieve their goals and become leaders in whatever field or endeavour they choose to embark upon.

It is widely predicted that today’s students will live and work longer than past generations. They will most likely change careers several times before retirement. As such, employers are actively seeking analytical, skilful and adaptable graduates.

A liberal arts education is renowned for its ability to foster such qualities and, when combined with the unparalleled study environment at Campion College, we hope you will see that a Campion education will not only give you a huge advantage in securing a career – it will give you the best foundation for understanding and living life.

Reasons to study at Campion

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#1 Bachelor of Arts in Australia

96.9% of students rated their Campion experience positively in 2020 National Student Experience Survey, making it the top ranked Australian institution offering a Bachelor of Arts.

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#1 in Australia for learner engagement

Campion consistently outperforms other Australian universities and institutions across all Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching.

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96.2% graduate satisfaction

Campion graduates are among the most satisfied in the country according to the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey.

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Australia’s standout institution for Western Civilisation studies

According to a recent study by the Institute of Public Affairs, just three universities in Australia offer courses which cover all the essential topics of the history of Western Civilisation, with Campion College the standout.

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Learn how to think, not what to think

Campion’s degree teaches students how to think critically, articulate arguments and communicate effectively, skills that are increasingly sought after by employers and will give you an edge over your peers.

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Small class sizes

Classes at Campion College are small and conducted in a way that emphasises discussion and heightens participation. Students and lecturers cooperate actively in the pursuit of truth. Many universities have over 700 students in first year lectures; Campion delivers its lectures to much smaller numbers, in addition to capping tutorials at 15, which allows for an interactive style of teaching and learning.

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Integrated units

Campion’s program of study is integrated. In other words, lecturers teach a curriculum that is designed so that each unit complements and flows into the others. No other Arts degree in Australia emphasises the virtue of integration between disciplines to this extent.

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Graduate with two qualifications

Students undertaking the three-year Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts can study Campion’s Diploma of Classical Languages (in Latin and Ancient Greek) concurrently.

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Combine study with international travel

Every two years, students have the opportunity to attend Rome School for academic credit, combining lectures and tutorials with private tours of Rome. Learn more. 

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Unparalleled college experience

The beautiful grounds and charming buildings of Campion College provide a peaceful and warm home for students wishing to reside on campus. All student accommodation facilities are located on-site and provide the perfect environment for study, reflection and communal Christian living. Find out more. 

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Campion fosters a love of learning

Every Campion student shares the desire to learn. Campion nurtures this desire with the great texts, thinkers and writers of the past. Click here to view our unit outlines.

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Campion nurtures an authentic Catholic environment

Students from all across the country are drawn to Campion’s unparalleled community and living environment which incorporates daily Mass, regular adoration and regular Catholic youth activities both on- and off-campus. Learn more.

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Campion is endorsed by prominent public figures

These include former Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott, columnist Miranda Devine, Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher and Bishop Richard Umbers.