Student Life

Campion offers a college experience like no other. Our close-knit community enables us to really support students in learning, leadership, initiative, community building, and creative expression developed in and beyond the classroom.

Reside on campus

Located in the heart of Western Sydney, the beautiful grounds and charming buildings of Campion College provide a peaceful and warm home for students wishing to reside on campus. All student accommodation facilities are located on-site and provide the perfect environment for study, reflection and communal Christian living.


Student life highlights

Student life at Campion involves a large variety of programs and activities. Starting with Orientation Week, there are trips to the city and the beach as well as opportunities to explore the beautiful surrounds of Sydney. Throughout the year activities vary enormously. For those interested in sport, we have facilities for volleyball and soccer. The soccer field hosts various competitions throughout the year. Debating and public speaking competitions are both popular. Other activities include camping trips, chess competitions and evenings around the fire in winter. There are opportunities to perform at various evening concerts, and our annual spring ball is one of the highlights of the social calendar.

These are just some of the activities for students at Campion that take place throughout the year. For more details please see the links below.

The Campion College Student Association is the umbrella organisation that supports the student body through its initiatives and represents students to the College Executive.