Winners of Public Speaking Competition for 2019

Winners-touched-up. Campion College Australia.
Winners-touched-up. Campion College Australia.
10 Oct 2019

The quality at the Frank Sheed Public Speaking Competition this week was possibly the highest it has ever been, according to adjudicator Dr Jeremy Bell.

Students picked one of three topical subjects to to present their short speeches on:

  1. Does Australia need a Religious Discrimination Bill?
  2. "Australia's asylum seeker policy is unchristian." Discuss.
  3. Do women have to choose between career and family?

All students spoke articulately and passionately, with the first prize of this year's competition going to third-year student Pearce Lyall.

Pearce chose topic 2, "Australia's asylum seeker policy is unchristian". He was followed in second place by third-year Anna Harrison and first-year Timothy O'Hare in third place.

The college invited Sr. Isabell Naumann to co-adjudicate the competition with Dr Bell.