Campion alum published in Theological Journal

Adam_et_Eve_au_Paradis_Terrestre-2048x1502-1. Campion College Australia.
Adam_et_Eve_au_Paradis_Terrestre-2048x1502-1. Campion College Australia.
15 Dec 2020

A Campion alum has had an article published in the latest issue of the Journal of Theological Studies.

In ‘Untangled Branches: The Edenic Tree(s) and the Multivocal WAW,’ Mark Makowiecki - who graduated from Campion in 2014 - tackles a puzzle which has long-vexed biblical scholars. The abstract reads:

This narratological study of Genesis 2–3 examines whether the principal trees in the Garden of Eden—the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—are two in number or one and the same. While the answer to this question seems self-evident, namely, that the Edenic trees are two, the woman’s description of the forbidden tree as if it were an amalgam of both makes this conclusion uncertain. This ambiguity creates a certain tension in the text; a tension which commentators have been trying perennially to resolve. Yet rather than join the long list of attempts to eliminate this tension, this article explores its role as a narrative feature and is thus able to show how conflicting details function cooperatively within the text. This leads to the conclusion that the principal tree(s) in the Garden of Eden should not be understood as one or two in number but as one and two in number.

Campion offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree and a one-year Diploma in the Liberal Arts, incorporating theology, philosophy, history and literature.

Mark, whose favourite subject was theology, credits Campion for giving him a deeper love of scripture: “Theology at Campion gave me an opportunity to think more deeply about sacred scripture. Moreover, by being allowed to approach it through the eyes of faith, I discovered a richness and depth within the Bible that continues to astound me.”

We wish him all the best in his studies and look forward to seeing more of his contributions in the future.