Campion joins partnership to train Catholic teachers under new model

10 Nov 2020

Campion College has partnered with Catholic Education Tasmania to deliver a new program to train Catholic teachers.

The cadet teacher training model will allow aspiring Catholic teachers to undertake studies in primary or secondary schooling, including units from Campion’s religious education program.

Run by the St Thomas Aquinas Teaching Schools Institute, the new model aims to train teachers in authentic Catholic teaching while giving them on-site practical experience.

The student teachers will spend one or two days a week as apprentice teachers in Catholic schools around Tasmania while conducting online units at Campion and elsewhere, as part of their full-time studies.

“We’re very proud to be teaming up with the St Thomas Aquinas Teaching Schools Institute to deliver this fantastic new program,” Campion president Dr Paul Morrissey said.

“At Campion we’re very big believers in delivering an authentic Catholic education to our students, so we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this to a new generation of Catholic teachers in Australia.”

After completing either a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Education or a two-year postgraduate Masters of Teaching, the new teachers will be qualified to teach anywhere in Australia.

The Institute has also partnered with Alpha Crucis College, a fully accredited independent Higher Education Provider, where student teachers will receive face-to-face lectures and intensives in Education.

The Teaching Schools Model has been set up to fill a gap in the Tasmanian Catholic education system, which requires students to either undertake additional studies in Catholic education following a teaching degree, or study interstate.

This year, Campion introduced its first post-graduate course: Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (Primary). Two units from this course, RED502: Catechesis in Sacramental Theology and RED503: Challenges and Strategies in Religious Education, will be incorporated into the Teaching Schools Model.

The first intake of students will begin in 2021. Applications are open until mid-November but late applications will be considered. Find out more and apply here.