Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (Primary)


The Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (Primary) is designed to serve a dual purpose:
a) as a foundation for students seeking a qualification in theology but do not have any prior qualifications in this field;
b) as professional development for students currently working as Religious Education teachers.

It qualifies students who apply a body of knowledge in a range of contexts to undertake professional/highly skilled work. It also serves as a foundational, ‘stand-alone’ qualification and as a pathway for further learning in theological studies.

For students already with teaching qualifications, it provides an opportunity for professional development.

Course Outline

The Graduate Certificate of Religious Education (Primary) consists of four compulsory units of study (6 credit points each) for a total of 24 credit points. Successful completion of the course requires a grade of Pass or higher in all four units. They are completed concurrently if studying full-time, or in any other sequence if studying part-time or in cases where a student acquires RPL.

There are no pre-requisites between units of study however all students should commence with RED503. 

The units are:

RED501: Historical Context of Catholic Teaching

This unit of study traces the historical development of Catholic life and teaching and explores how this can be presented to students at various levels. Click here for the unit outline.

RED502: Catechesis in Sacramental Theology

Students completing this unit will develop a body of knowledge related to the education in sacramentality and sacraments of students in primary schools. Click here for the unit outline.

RED503: Challenges and Strategies in Religious Education

Students completing this unit will explore developmental theory and curriculum principles applicable to the religious education of students. Click here for the unit outline.

RED504: Introduction to Biblical Studies

Students completing this unit will develop a body of knowledge related to the Bible and its interpretation according to the Catholic Tradition. Click here for the unit outline.

Mode of Delivery

100% online.

East unit consists of a 1-hour synchronous online tutorial. Lecture material should be consulted in your own time prior to the online tutorial.


Tuition fees for Campion College can be deferred fully or partially through FEE-HELP.

Fees and additional information can be found at  www.campion.edu.au/tuition


Admission to this course takes the form of:

  • An undergraduate degree (minimum AQF Level 7) from a recognized institution, or
  • The ability to demonstrate sufficient professional or life experience in areas related to the specialization of the qualification.

Applicants must also have English-language proficiency and undertake an interview in which you demonstrate:

  • a clear understanding of the course expectations;
  • a commitment to study;
  • an ability to express yourself effectively; and
  • an ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Applicants already qualified to teach religion in Catholic schools must also have an undergraduate degree in education or teaching from an accredited institution.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing this course will have a body of knowledge related to theological studies. They will be equipped to undertake professional work related to their specialisation, and also use it as a basis for further learning. More specifically, they will be able to:

a) demonstrate specialised knowledge related to religious education, including acquaintance with relevant contemporary scholarship in this field;
b) synthesise relevant data from contemporary scholarship from theologians and educators to develop solutions to issues encountered in their professional work in the field of religious education;
c) apply specialised knowledge to evaluate complex ideas that have an impact on the teaching for religious education;
d) communicate an understanding of the specialised knowledge of religious education to a variety of audiences including primary school students of different developmental levels, other staff members, religious education specialists, parents and carers of their students;
e) make independent judgements related to religious education: its coordination and the management and ongoing formation of other religious education staff within a primary school setting;
f) function independently as a religious education specialist within a school context and adapt programmes to the needs of the local community.

Pathway to Further Learning

Successful completion of this course will provide students with a qualification for further postgraduate studies in the area of religious education, either Graduate Diploma or Masters courses at other accredited institutions.

Graduates of Campion’s Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (Primary), are eligible to receive advanced standing at Notre Dame University for the following courses:

  • Master of Education (Leadership and Management)
  • Master of Education (Religious Education)

For more information in these areas of postgraduate studies, click here, consult the Dean of Studies or visit: http://www.nd.edu.au/

Recognition of Prior Learning

Credit will be considered for the following circumstances and in accordance with the CCA Recognition of Prior Learning Policy:

  • Students currently working as RE teachers who have accreditation to teach RE in a Catholic School may apply for a maximum of 6 credit points (1 unit of study) of RPL.
  • Students who have completed prior undergraduate (AQF Level 7) or postgraduate studies in Theology may also be eligible for a maximum 6 credit points (1 unit of study) of RPL.
  • Graduates of Campion College’s Bachelor of Arts who have completed a minor in Theology will be eligible for a maximum of 6 credit points (1 unit of study) of RPL.

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