Campion Student Association line up events for 2021

O-Week-2021-edited-21-1-2048x1365-1. Campion College Australia.
O-Week-2021-edited-21-1-2048x1365-1. Campion College Australia.
22 Mar 2021

Campion College Student Association Executive Team: (L-R) President Campbell Evans, Secretary Sophia Shogren and Treasurer Cate Meese.

Campus life will get a fresh start in 2021, with an array of events, performances, talks and more planned by the Campion College Student Association (CCSA).

The main event for the year will be the Campion College Ball, which had to be cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-related restrictions on large gatherings. The CCSA says interest has been so high for this year's event, usually held in September or October, the team has had to cut down the list of Ball Committee members.

"Everyone is so eager to get involved," CCSA President Campbell Evans said. "All the societies on campus have had huge sign on lists – 40 people have signed up to join the Rowing Club alone."

Campbell said he and fellow Executive team members Sophia Shogren and Cate Meese are keen to pick up the momentum lost in 2020, when classes were moved online.

"We’ve lost so much cultural momentum because of Covid; all the first-years and a lot of the second-years don’t know what normal campus life is like," Campbell said.

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The 2019 Campion College Ball

"What’s so unique to Campion is our capacity to build this really close-knit community through events on campus, and that was absent last year. This year, we want to really reignite that atmosphere."

The CCSA hopes to host events that cater to student interest, such as Splendor on the Lawn - a live music night - and theatre events, in conjunction with the Campion Theatre Society.

Splendour-2018-edited-300x209-1. Campion College Australia.

Students play during Splendour on the Lawn

"Our events give people an opportunity for a creative outlet and showcase how many talented people we have on campus. In previous years events would be checkpoints to get you through your assignments; they’d be something to look forward to and work towards."

A new CCSA initiative this year has been to partner with local businesses to offer discounts to Campion students.

"We really wanted to support the community coming off the back of last year, and we’ve made partnerships with essential services like food and beverage businesses," Campbell said.

"This partnership makes sense - it helps the students and it helps the businesses. It also helps new students know where to go and engage with the local community."

Campbell said the CCSA would also like to host more events which engage local Campion alumni, to connect the current student base with graduates living in Sydney.

Keep an eye on Campion's social media, especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to receive news and updates on upcoming events at Campion.