Student Association


Student Association

The Campion College Student Association (CCSA) is the umbrella organisation that supports the student body through its initiatives. Through this support, the CCSA aims to assist students in their pursuit of a truly liberal education, and in accordance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, it endeavours to help students to ascend to the great categories of human meaning – the Good, the Beautiful and the True – in order to cultivate what Cicero called the “good life”.

2024 CCSA Mary
Mary d’Assumpcao
2024 CCSA Maggie
Maggie Laffy
2024 CCSA Xavier
Xavier Warmbrunn

Stay tuned for further information on 2024 membership rates and benefits.

The CCSA is proud to present a series of annual events including Talent Night, Beer Garden, the Third Year Auction, Splendour on the Lawn and the annual Campion Ball. In addition to these staples, new events are introduced each year.

Stay tuned for further information on the 2024 event line-up.