Community Engagement & Leadership Award



The Community Engagement & Leadership Award (CELA) is a points-based award designed to:

  1. Recognise students’ contribution to their communities through volunteering;
  2. Recognise students’ contribution to the Campion College community through leadership roles; and
  3. Provide students with professional development support.

Registration has to be completed no later than the census date of your penultimate semester. However, starting the award program as early as possible in your degree makes it a lot easier to complete and record the required hours of community volunteering (60 hours), Campion leadership (20 hours) and professional development (6 sessions). Once all hours have been completed, an exit interview with a panel will be conducted.

Students who complete all components of the Award will have the Award listed on their Academic Transcript which can be a distinguishing feature in the job market.

For further information on the CELA, click here to view the Operating Manual.


Useful links for CELA participants: