Campion students get special offer for music, theatre degrees

Excelsia-College-P-Arts-Presentation-Image-980x693-1. Campion College Australia.
Excelsia-College-P-Arts-Presentation-Image-980x693-1. Campion College Australia.
25 Aug 2021

Theatrically- and musically-inclined students from Campion attended the online presentation.

Sr M Luka Juenemann
Student Life Coordinator

Campion students interested in music, theatre and film now have the opportunity to explore these passions further with up to 50 percent credit off a degree at Excelsia College.

Staff from Excelsia gave an online presentation on their performing arts and screen production degrees to Campion's senior students yesterday.

Attending students learned about how they can get up to 50 percent credit for a drama or music degree (usually 2-3 years) as they have already done theology and literature at Campion, which are essential elements of Excelsia's study program.

The presenters were impressed that Campion's theatre society has been producing original skits and performances, and affirmed our students that this is the best preparation for further study to become an actor, drama teacher or film director.

Like Campion, Excelsia fosters a Christian ethos and and is similar in campus size and culture.

One of the participants said afterwards, "it was helpful just in terms of opening my mind as to what I may want to do. It was interesting to see how their course is structured".

Students can find out more about Excelsia College's creative and performing arts courses here.