Democratic Club welcomes Dr Stephen Anthony for guest lecture on economics

Catholic Economics Talk
Catholic Economics Talk
28 Aug 2023

On the evening of the 23rd of August, the Democratic Club had the privilege of welcoming Dr Stephen Anthony, Managing Director of Macroeconomics Advisory, for a guest lecture on the necessity of virtue for maintaining a just economic system.

The topic for the evening was ‘Catholic Economics: The Necessity of Human Virtue’.

Dr Anthony explored the biblical and doctrinal origins of a just economic system before elucidating the damages caused from the economic policies of both the left - emancipatory liberalism stripping away our values and putting ourselves first - and right -financialisation of everything regardless of its inherent value.

Later, Dr Anthony touched on Catholic social teaching and the mechanisms for which we, individually, might do our part to restore the hyper-individualised system we currently live in.

The night concluded with a very well-received Q&A session on specifics of economic policy and refreshments.

The Democratic Club would like to thank Dr Anthony for his insight and candor, as well as all our student, alumni, and external attendees.


Gregory Hugi
Vice President, Democratic Club