Joint victory in first-ever Campion MasterChef competition

Campion MasterChef Featured Image
Campion MasterChef Featured Image
15 Jun 2023

The highly anticipated Campion MasterChef competition, jointly organised by the Student Life Office and the Residential Assistants, has whipped up a storm of excitement among the students this semester.

In a 6-week elimination style competition, students were tasked to cook a 2-course meal in 1 hour with the ingredients given to them in a mystery box. Each dish was meticulously scrutinised by a judging panel comprised of professional and academic staff, with judges awarding scores out of 10 for taste, presentation and teamwork. Creative explanations of the labour of love that went into preparing each meal were common, with students dressing up to serve their meals and even presenting their dishes via poem!

Beyond the thrill of competition, the Campion MasterChef aimed to foster teamwork and strengthen the bonds among students. Each residential area participated as a team (with an additional team created for non-residential students), allowing ample opportunity to showcase their culinary prowess and ignite a sense of pride in their respective houses.

As the grand finale approached, anticipation reached its peak. Three formidable teams faced off for the ultimate culinary crown - two female (the South Wing Dorms and House 3) and one male (Ryder-Cheshire Hall). With final scores out of 40, the male team scored 33.5, and in with only half a point in difference, both female teams scored 34 points, creating history by taking out a joint victory in the first ever competition.

Elizabeth Nunes, the spirited captain of House 3, couldn't contain her excitement: “The Campion College MasterChef cook-off was accompanied by much anticipation, friendly but heated competition, high levels of anxiety and plenty of hilarious mishaps, but through it all, the residential areas grew stronger and closer than ever, making this event one to remember forever. Most importantly, however, it established that it is indeed true that girls really are the best cooks!”

Samuel Butterworth, captain of Ryder-Cheshire Hall, shared his sentiments: “The RC Boys put up a good fight in the MasterChef competition. I was very surprised and grateful for the cohesion that was present in the kitchen.”

Adding her voice to the chorus of triumph, Sophie Dignan, captain of the South Wing Dorms, exclaimed, “What a night the MasterChef Grand Final was! The Girls Dorms were in flying form, which is no surprise considering our wonderful team and connection! The night was full of stresses, fun, teamwork and overall, a glorious victory! A huge event with a lot at stake, the girls handled the pressure with grace, as did every other team! An incredible experience, which will be in our highlights for Semester One of 2023!”

Hold onto your aprons, because Semester 2 promises an array of exciting competitions designed to foster connection and community. Stay tuned for more details!