Martyn Iles gives his ‘8 rules for life’ at Campion

IMG_3223-2-resized. Campion College Australia.
IMG_3223-2-resized. Campion College Australia.
18 Oct 2019

Australian Christian Lobby director Martyn Iles visited Campion last night to speak at the college's fortnightly formal hall dinner.

Martyn opened by referring to his last visit to Campion in 2014, during a debate with the Lachlan Macquarie Institute.

"I must say it's very gracious of you to invite me back to address the losing team," he quipped - a comment which earned him boos and jeers from Campion students present.

Martyn decided to give his own take on Jordan Peterson's bestselling 12 Rules for Life with his own '8 rules for life' based on the beatitudes.

He began by turning the modern "love yourself" narrative on its head and focused instead follow the biblical teaching to be pure of heart, merciful and joyful in suffering.

He then fielded questions from students on activism in the public square, the religious freedom bill and the climate change debate.