MP Hugh McDermott on Labor and Catholic social teaching

02 Jun 2021

State Member for Prospect, Dr Hugh McDermott, addressed Campion staff and students at last week’s formal hall.

Dr McDermott talked through his extraordinary career, which led him into politics in recent years, before becoming the local member for Campion’s electorate.

A common theme running through Dr McDermott’s entertaining speech was his commitment to, and motivation from, Catholic social teaching.

“I always wanted to help the poor; to make sure that whatever I did would make a difference,” he said.

A longtime member of the union movements, Dr McDermott joined the Labor party following a distinguished career as a barrister, working amongst money launderers and drug cartels in the Cayman Islands, later working for ASIC.

He also said he was proud that Australia’s premiere liberal arts college was based in his electorate.

We would like to thank Dr McDermott for his enlightening and engaging speech.

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