No overseas travel? Consider a gap year at Campion

2020-Campus-Shots-26. Campion College Australia.
2020-Campus-Shots-26. Campion College Australia.
12 Feb 2021

With 2021 shaping up to be another year of limited or no international travel, it can be tempting to give up on gap year plans altogether.

But what if your gap year didn't have to be spent living at home?

What if you spent this year making friends, having fun and delving into some of the most fascinating ideas in human history - all while boosting your CV and improving your future prospects?

Campion's one-year Diploma of Liberal Arts - Foundations of the Western Tradition - provides a foundational understanding of Western society and culture, specialising in the ancient world.

The Diploma comprises the first year of our Bachelor degree in the Liberal Arts - rated the #1 degree in Australia for student satisfaction - covering four main topic areas: history, philosophy, theology and literature.

Diploma students will dip into the birth of the Roman Empire and Greek philosophy, cover the classical epics of Homer, Virgil and other ancient writers and get stuck into the essentials of philosophy and theology, including Metaphysics, Epistemology and Sacred Scripture.

In addition to the array of fascinating subjects to explore, Diploma students have the option to live on campus and be part of our enviable college life, including student concerts, theatre and music nights, formal hall dinners, parties, film nights, poetry evenings, dancing and sports, and easy access to the Blue Mountains and the Nepean River, as well as local cafes, shopping centres and movie theatres.

Unlike other universities, face-to-face classes will return to Campion this year, and our students will continue to enjoy unparalleled access to their lecturers for one-on-one discussions about topics covered in class, assignments, or anything else students might need help with.

While still a new tradition in this country, the liberal arts are well-respected worldwide for their core aim of developing well-rounded individuals with valuable skills you can take into any profession - including good communication, advanced reading and writing and critical thinking and analysis.

Ernst and Young has reported that employers are placing higher value on critical thinking, problem-solving and effective communication than vocational schooling (i.e. a marketing or economics degree) when recruiting recent graduates.

Consider spending your gap year at Campion and gain not just lifelong friends, but lifelong skills and a deeper understanding of the foundations that made our world what it is today.

If you want to study Campion's Diploma of Liberal Arts this year, applications must be submitted by 29 Feb 2021.