Our Graduates

The expected educational outcomes of a Campion education are reflected in the following Graduate Attributes:

  • The capacity to think logically, to critically analyse situations and find responsible solutions to problems;
  • an advanced understanding of the way society has developed and the critical strands of human thinking and activity which have shaped and continue to shape Western culture;
  • an integrated grasp of reality which will serve as the basis of lifelong learning;
  • the ability to adapt to a wide variety of employment and career opportunities because of enhanced and developed generic attitudes such as independence of thought, critical evaluation, research abilities, and communication skills;
  • a well-rounded appreciation of the world in which he or she lives, together with a strong sense of purpose;
  • a commitment to truth, including moral truth, as a sure basis for character development; and
  • advanced writing and presentation skills.

Since our first graduation ceremony in 2008, our graduates have gone into a number of fields including teaching, journalism, business, law, medicine, evangelisation, academia and politics. See below for a selection of testimonies from our graduates.

After graduating from Campion in 2011 I took a gap year before pursuing further studies in Literature. I completed my Honours in Literature at Monash University, and am currently working on a PhD looking at the influence of Medieval Catholicism on Shakespeare’s conception of psychology. I am so grateful to Campion for giving me the skills and inspiration to pursue this topic. The Campion course, with its integrated approach to texts and traditions and the way they ‘talk’ to each other gave me the perfect foundation for my current research. I am also grateful for the college’s holistic approach to the human person, which extends beyond the course and into each student’s spiritual and social life, which encouraged me to pursue beauty, truth and goodness not only in my research but in every aspect of my life.

Angela Schumann

Class of 2011

After graduating from Campion in 2017 with a major in philosophy I started my career as an Aviation Fire-Fighter. Always eager to continue challenging myself, I also applied and got accepted into officer training with the Australian Army Reserve. Both jobs may appear to be unconnected to a degree in the Liberal Arts but I know that Campion helped me immensely. As a student I learnt how to critically think and as the Senior Residential Tutor I acquired leadership qualities; these assets have enabled me to succeed in jobs that require decisive, quick and rational thinking. The philosopher Bertrand Russell once said that “education has become an obstacle to intelligence and freedom of thought” but thankfully the education I received at Campion College was just the opposite.     

Sean Reeves

Class of 2017

Since graduating from Campion College in 2011, I have had many opportunities to apply the critical reasoning skills that were developed during my time at Campion. I completed a Masters of International Relations at the University of Melbourne, was awarded the University’s Leaders in Community Award and spent a year working in Timor-Leste on remote healthcare delivery. I was subsequently accepted into the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s graduate programme, and have worked across a number of government priorities, including cyber security, the National Innovation and Science Agenda, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention. Currently, as an adviser in the Indigenous Affairs Group, skills developed at Campion such as strategic thinking and sound judgement are key to improving outcomes in remote communities in a sustainable and community-driven manner. I also volunteer at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex, one of three sites in NASA’s Deep Space Network, and I am an active member of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Women’s Network.

Siobhan Reeves

Class of 2011

Prior from graduating from Campion College in 2012, I was accepted into the Lachlan Macquarie Internship in Public Policy which I entered the following year. This was a highly valuable experience which allowed me to build on the knowledge I had gained at Campion and apply the skills I had learned during my studies. Following the internship, I completed a Masters in Teaching before returning to work at Campion managing the Library and Learning Centre. In addition to working, I have also been able to  continue my education in information science and pursue my interests in education, policy and politics.

My education at Campion College was a formative experience that shaped my worldview, inspired my love of learning and opened up many educational and career opportunities for which I am very grateful.

Keziah Doughty

Class of 2012

I graduated from Campion in 2015, where I majored in Philosophy and served as the president of the Campion College Student Association. After Campion, I completed a Masters of Marketing, and worked for Performics Australia, a digital marketing company with clients such as Toyota, Snowy Hydro Group, and the Victorian Government. I also served as the president of the Campion Alumni Association in 2017. I’ve recently moved into politics and now works as a media adviser to a Federal Member for Dunkley. In January 2019, I married fellow Campion graduate, Christie Schumann.

Sam Rebbechi

Class of 2015

Having graduated from Campion College Australia in 2014, I am now in my third year of a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Notre Dame. The jump from liberal arts to medicine is not widely viewed as a natural progression – I frequently meet with surprise upon informing acquaintances that my undergraduate degree was not science based – but Campion provided the necessary foundation upon which to build my further medical studies. The liberal arts instilled in me an ongoing love of learning and taught me to reason critically, invaluable assets in my chosen field, while providing a framework for grappling with more complex questions of ethics, social justice and society. The three years I spent at Campion were three of the best years of my life, forming me as a person and equipping me with knowledge and skills that will serve me throughout my medical career.

Jessma Nash

Class of 2014

Since graduating from Campion I have been lucky to work and live all around the world doing what I love, helping those in need. For the past 3 years I have been working as an elementary school teacher in Haiti, for the non profit Hand in Hand for Haiti.

Campion provided me with not only a strong liberal arts education, which allowed me to work in many different facets, but a love of education. A love which is the foundation of my current humanitarian work in Haiti.

Campion has shown me that education is a humanitarian need that effects change not only in oneself but within the community. I’m proud to call myself a Campion graduate.

Molly Healy

Class of 2008

The education I received at Campion has been the foundation of my teaching career.  My studies at Campion fostered in me a love of learning and knowledge, and a passion for educating and forming young people as individuals. After graduating, I completed a Masters of Teaching at Melbourne and I have been working as a teacher since then. My education in the liberal arts has taught me communication skills and critical thinking skills, which are invaluable to my work as a teacher.

Matthew Harradine

Class of 2011

The education received at Campion College was invaluable developing my passion for ideas, and conversion of ideas into sound social policy. I worked as a policy research officer on behalf of Catholic health and social services at the Archdiocese of Sydney, while pursuing a Masters of Public Health at Sydney University.  I found that my critical thinking skills and comprehensive understanding of cultural and social history informed my ability to evaluate policy and research and to understand the political and social context of health policy in Australia. After managing a publishing house for two years, I am currently a project manager in programme development, working in a federal government agency to support the aged care sector. I love the activities I engage in and have found a number of managers attribute the difference of my work in communication and problem-solving to my foundational education in the Liberal Arts.

Mary O'Donovan

Class of 2011

Following graduation in 2014, I nominated for preselection in September to contest the Brisbane City Council election for my local area. Unable to secure the nomination, I was offered a job on the central campaign team tasked with re-electing the Lord Mayor, sitting Councillors, and the candidates. We held the Mayoralty and increased our majority in Council. I am very fortunate to have worked with a number of seasoned campaigners whose expertise lie in political strategy and the mechanics of the backroom. I now work as an adviser to a member of Cabinet in Council. Campion teaches students how to reason; this asset has been of invaluable assistance in my work to date.   

Jock Power

Class of 2014

After graduating from Campion in 2014, I completed a Masters of Occupational Therapy. Upon learning that my undergraduate was neither psychology nor health science but rather the Liberal Arts, many people ask if I “regret” my Campion degree. Absolutely not!

Occupational therapy requires one to have sound clinical reasoning, to be able to critically appraise a person’s situation, their abilities and their environment, and decide on the best way to meet their occupational needs. Through studying the liberal arts I developed the ability to think critically, creatively and rationally and this skill has undeniably assisted me in developing strong clinical reasoning skills. Furthermore, it instilled in me a thorough and grounded understanding of ethics, something that will guide my everyday practice with clients and assist me in navigating the complex cases when they inevitably arise.

Whilst it may have been an alternative pathway to OT, the liberal arts has enriched my understanding of humanity, society and culture and cultivated in me the desire to search for and uphold the good, true and beautiful in every person and everything.

Anna Matthai

Class of 2014

Upon graduating from Campion in 2013, I spent a short amount of time as a general labourer before transferring from the Army Reserve to the Regular Army. I attended the School of Infantry from August to December 2014 and was assigned to the Third Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in Townsville. I spent time in a number of roles including as a section gunner and marksman before becoming a combat communications specialist. I’ve had several opportunities to travel overseas with the Army, first to Malaysia for jungle warfare training in 2015, then in 2017 deploying to Iraq with Task Group Taji-V as part of the force protection element of the training team. After nearly four years with the Regular Army I am preparing to apply for RMC-Duntroon to commission as a General Service Officer. Throughout these past years, my education at Campion has served me well, imparting me with adaptability, flexibility and good public speaking skills.

Brendan Smith

Class of 2013

In a bid to extend my immersion in the treasures of Western antiquity, upon graduating in 2008 I took a 3-month cobblestone-pounding trip of Western Europe. I wandered kilometres along the Appian Way, visited the venue of the Council of Trent, prayed on the site of St. Edmund Campion’s martyrdom… it was an unforgettable trip! Then I completed a degree in medicine at the University of Notre Dame, worked as a junior doctor at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital for a couple of years, started my training as a General Practitioner, married and am now the proud Mum of a gorgeous baby girl. My studies at Campion gave me a greater
appreciation of my Christian heritage, a warmer love of my faith, a sharper intellect, and the confidence to wade into the often murky waters of modern medical ethics as I strive to bring Christ’s healing to each of my patients.

Olivia Meese

Class of 2008

Following graduation in 2015, I began working with one of Australia’s largest trade unions. In my role I apply employment law onto situations involving conflict of a company and their staff, and work to provide a positive outcome for people working in low socioeconomic jobs; often meaning the outcome I can attain is bread on the table for their family. Additionally, I have joined the Australian army which I do Part-time in addition to my full time job. This role will expose me to high-stress situations where I must balance rigid procedure, with intuition and problem solving skills.

My degree at Campion has been invaluable for both of these roles. Through my Campion education, I have learned to reason, be critical of evidence in front of me and consider alternative options, solutions and viewpoints that might not ordinarily be largely accepted or considered. This, combined with Campion’s opportunity to develop rhetoric, argumentative and oral skills, I have been successful and influential in my roles which is incredibly fulfilling.

Meeting my wife at Campion and starting a family with her was a big bonus as well!

Joseph Rebbechi

Class of 2015

I graduated from Campion College Australia in 2009 and after a few years of work and travel, I completed a Masters of Nursing Practice at Monash University in 2015. I have been working in general medicine and palliative care as a registered nurse since then. My Liberal Arts studies not only inspired my choice of career, it also enabled me to enrol in a Masters degree, as the Human Biology unit I undertook in my 3rd year satisfied the requirement for entry to the course. My studies and formation at Campion have assisted me in concrete ways throughout my working life so far, and my studies there are the reason why I have always understood nursing to be my vocation rather than just my job. I love being a nurse and bringing everything I have learnt at Campion College into my role as a care-giver.

Eve Woolven

Class of 2009

After graduating from Campion in 2008, I entered the workforce but never seemed settled. 

That was until I decided to answer the Lord’s call for me and join the Brisbane Oratory, founded by St Philip Neri. I have now been with the Oratory for five very happy and rewarding years. Recently, I was admitted to Candidacy for Holy Orders which is both exciting but also daunting when one considers the seriousness and responsibility of being a priest of Jesus Christ.

The education and experiences I received at Campion have proven to be invaluable. Campion has taught me so much, most importantly, how to communicate effectively and powerfully. This was further nurtured at Campion through my exposure to English literature which has allowed me to share the Faith in ways I would have originally not thought possible.

Br Conor Power

Class of 2008

Following my graduation from Campion College in 2010, I had a variety of jobs including working in admin at the University of Notre Dame, as a Diversional Therapist in a nursing home, in a café and in a bookshop. For the last seven years I have worked as a journalist – three of these have been freelance. I did not have a journalism degree. I suggested to my employers that the basic skills of the Liberal Arts – thinking, research, and writing – would serve me well as a writer. Since then, I have had my work published all around Australia, and increasingly abroad. I can honestly say that the value of my Campion degree increases with time, and I often find myself going back and back again to the books I read there. I thank God for leading me there all those years ago. It is a place where Providence is allowed to work.

Natasha Marsh

Class of 2010

After my graduation in 2015, I went on to pursue my newfound love of philosophy and Classics by completing Honours in Philosophy at the University of Sydney, for which I wrote a thesis on Cicero’s De Officiis. Since then I have gone on to full-time work in the office of the Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher OP, as an assistant to the secretary, mostly to help with office administration, research and letter drafting. I apply those three years of my formation at Campion in many aspects of my work, whether it be through discussing something as nuanced as sacramental theology or applying skills as general as research. I am now preparing to pursue a career in education.

Francis Winkels

Class of 2015

Upon graduating in 2016 I began a Master of Nursing at the University of Sydney. It very soon became apparent to me that I couldn’t just leave the liberal arts behind; not only did I want to keep studying, but I wanted to share with others the wonderful gift that Campion had given me. So I withdrew from Nursing and began teaching history and grammar at Augustine Academy, and have this year begun a Masters by research, in history, at The University of Notre Dame. I feel so very blessed to be in a work place in which I’m able to utilise all of the skills that I developed through my studies at Campion, whether that be through my teaching, having theological chats with the students, or applying those valuable critical thinking skills to work out how the food in the pantry can be stretched to feed twenty-three ever-ravenous teenagers! My time at Campion taught me to always try to pursue the good, true and beautiful, so together with my husband, fellow Campion graduate Robert van Gend, I live on a beautiful property in Picton where we are raising Sussex chickens and cultivating gardens.

Monica van Gend

Class of 2016

After graduating in 2013, I continued my studies in western civilisation by traversing through Europe for six months, visiting those countries which I had, hitherto, only known from my books. After this I completed a Masters in English literature at the University of Sydney. During my studies, I tutored at the University of Sydney and taught a number of classes to home schoolers. Disenchanted by secular universities and high-school curriculums, I resolved to establish a Liberal Arts institute for high-school students that offered a holistic approach to education and pursued a deeper understanding, not only of the humanities, but also of the concrete world through agricultural work. In 2016 Augustine Academy began its first year, and with a growing number of students each year traveling from every state in Australia, it quickly became apparent that the school was fulfilling a unique need.

Ben McCabe

Class of 2016