Students host audio-only painting tutorial

06 Sep 2021

Joshua Barratt
Art Society President

As many of us are struggling under lockdown, the Campion Art Society hosted an online event last Tuesday which promised to be relaxing.

The plan was to follow a Bob Ross ‘The Joy of Painting’ tutorial without visuals - audio only.

It was not long before the event took a hilarious turn, as participants realised just how challenging following Bob would be, given the speed of his painting and the charming but slightly unhelpful phrases of which he is so fond.

Happily, determination won over artistic insecurity. Everybody kept calm and carried their happy little accidents on.

The resulting artworks ranged from valiant attempts to inspired masterpieces which blew the minds of all attending, drawing delighted gasps of surprise at their accuracy. The event was overall chaotically social, colourfully messy, and wildly fun. A majority vote declared, “we have to try this again!"

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Deon Testore is the president of Campion’s Debating Society.