Students relax and get some sun ahead of exams

Campion Day Out Nov 2022 2
Campion Day Out Nov 2022 2
14 Nov 2022

Students took a break from exam prep and headed to Lane Cove National Park last week for some exercise and a barbecue.

New Student Life Coordinator Tony Mattar organised the day, which began with breakfast on campus before everyone packed into buses and cars to drive to the national park.

Students, led by Tony, enjoyed a leisurely bushwalk before returning to the picnic site for some sport while lunch was prepared.

The area was filled with native wildlife, including kookaburras, goannas, and an abundance of bush turkeys.

Tony said he organised the 'Campion Day Out' in study week to "foster and build community now that the academic calendar is over, and give everyone a chance to come back more rejuvenated" to face exams.

Students returned to campus later that afternoon and finished off the day with a study hall.