Students stun at last talent night of the year

IMG_1487-2. Campion College Australia.
IMG_1487-2. Campion College Australia.
11 Sep 2019

Campion's last talent night of the year featured an impressive and entertaining array of different acts of music, theatre, recitation and dance.

The performances were many and varied, with satirical theatrical scenes rubbing shoulders with moving musical performances, original songs and poetic recitations. The night was hosted by students James Landon and Aidan Shogren.

See the gallery of images and clips of some of the performances below.


The Girl from Ipanema



Can't Help Falling in Love (battle)



Three guys jamming out



A scene from Hamlet and The Lion King



'Kingdom Dance' from Tangled



'Outside the Lines' by All Related (original)



'Who's on First?' Abbott and Costello sketch



All videos edited by Paul Murphy.