Tackling politics in Democratic Club

Democratic-Club-Steve-Chavura-13-2-2048x1365-1. Campion College Australia.
Democratic-Club-Steve-Chavura-13-2-2048x1365-1. Campion College Australia.
11 May 2021

By Isabelle Lindsay
Democratic Club President
and Ashleigh Mills

Campion's Democratic Club hosted two speakers in recent weeks who enlightened gathered students on a variety of political topics.

On 28 April Neil Quarmby, the leading expert in intelligence in regulation in the southern hemisphere, gave an introductory presentation on Australian regulation. 

Specifically, Mr Quarmby explained how Australian regulation operates, the gaps in our regulatory system, the lack of communication between regulatory bodies and how these regulatory issues have resulted in the national scandals that prompted Royal Commissions. 

Campion Student Association President Campbell Evens said he “found it fascinating to learn how much trust we [Australians] put in the authorities and processes behind things like banking, education, public health, etc, because we believe they are regulated. And yet, as shown in the example given of the Beale review, these regulators are often subject to political and economic pressures which can skew their decisions.”

Mr Quarmby's talk was followed up on 3 May by our own history lecturer Dr Stephen Chavura.

The topic for the evening was 'Taking a Closer Look at Conservatism'. Students gathered to listen and ask questions as Dr Chavura unpacked what Philosophic Conservatism really means and what it looks like in today's world.

Dr Chavura explained how conservatism is more a disposition than an ideology. To be conservative is to acknowledge that what we have is good and worth conserving; to desire reform rather than revolution, and, in the words of Michael Oakeshott, to prefer "present laughter to utopian bliss".

The Democratic Club would like to thank Mr Quarmby and Dr Chavura for their insight and their support and we look forward to more events next Semester.