The Hon Susan Carter extols the virtues of studying liberal arts at Formal Hall

Formal Hall 2 May 2024 (Web) 28
Formal Hall 2 May 2024 (Web) 28
04 May 2024

On Thursday the 2nd of May, Campion College was delighted to host the Hon. Susan Carter MLC as the guest speaker at Formal Hall.

Mrs Carter is a dedicated advocate for education and family-centred public policy. She currently serves as director of the Law Extension Committee of the University of Sydney and is also Shadow Assistant Attorney General and Shadow Assistant Minister for Corrections.

In her speech, Mrs Carter delved into the importance of safeguarding and evaluating fundamental principles to guarantee their ongoing applicability in contemporary settings. She posed a thought-provoking query regarding the principles of justice outlined in the Magna Carta over 750 years ago: if alterations were made to these principles, could it jeopardise public trust in the legal system, thus potentially eroding confidence in the rule of law, which serves as a safeguard for everyone?

"It's not a matter of saying, here's the principle, great, tick, we're off to a good start. These principles need to be refined, reconsidered, interpreted and often restated across the centuries to ensure that they have continuing force," she emphasised. "And now it's our turn. We must defend these principles, but also analyse them ourselves. Understand the context of the tradition in which they were formed and apply this to modern situations."

Throughout her address, Mr Carter underscored the importance of a liberal arts education, framing it as an ongoing conversation that informs present-day decision-making.

"What you are learning at Campion is part of an ongoing conversation," she affirmed. "Yes, you're looking at the past, but it is very much about issues which concern the present. And issues with which we engage every single day. Issues which inform the decisions that we make, small and sometimes very big, and hopefully informed decisions lead to a society in which all may flourish."

Additional highlights of the evening included the unveiling of the theme for the 2024 Campion Ball and the recognition of Dean's List recipients for Semester 2, 2023.

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