‘The only decent history degree in Australia is Campion’: Dr Bella d’Abrera

28 Nov 2022

Campion's Liberal Arts degree received two great shout-outs on Sky News yesterday.

While discussing the state of history degrees in Australian universities on the 'Outsiders' panel, Dr Bella d'Abrera said Campion provided the "only decent history" course in the country.

Dr d'Abrera, who directs the Institute of Public Affairs' Foundations of Western Civilisation Program, has previously praised Campion for being "blissfully free" of political ideology.

On the same day, while hosting the Paul Murray Live show, former senator Corey Bernardi described Campion College as "an extraordinary liberal arts college" while discussing the liberal arts and university courses with Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker and others.

Ms Stoker nodded in agreement, and said potential students need to seek out the "smaller, private colleges" to receive a university education and the basic skills that come with it.

Campion has consistently outperformed all similar institutions in the national undergraduate student 'QILT' survey, ranking in the top 10 across all metrics, with the most engaged students in the country.

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